wing chun kuen

Wing Chun is a pragmatic combat system which retains its fighting heritage. However this fighting heritage is of questionable origin. Indeed why did Wing Chun develop? Furthermore although the style has developed exponentially, what actually motivates practitioners to train? This is the first academically researched book into Wing Chun comparing the past and present. The book rewrites the traditional Wing Chun history, providing a more reasoned and informative account for the style''s development. Central to the book is the concept of transformation: transformation of the style from the past to the present, and the transformatory effect of training on the individual. Specifically the book explores - The ''myth'' of the Southern Shaolin Temple - The link between the Triads and Wing Chun - The identity of the founder of Wing Chun - The philosophy integral to Wing Chun - The psychological benefits of training - The differences between Wing Chun practitioners and other martial artists. The book is written predominantly for an academic audience, although equally, any reader interested in an informed discussion of Wing Chun''s history, philosophy and psychology.

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