who is a leader

Teresa of Avila was a woman who lived in Spain in the 16th century. She was a cloistered Nun, reformer, foundress, mystic, writer, leader, saint, and the first Woman Doctor of the Catholic Church. This book presents an exposition of the leadership of Teresa of Avila. In Spain during her time leadership was considered to be the prerogative of men, women were considered less than men, less human, and even a mistake of nature. Women’s world was their home and the household works. Today, the terms leader and leadership have become synonyms for exploitation and corruption. This book explains the true meaning of the terms leader and leadership. Leadership is not reserved to any particular race, group, or gender. Leadership is timeless; it is gender neutral, and leaders are both born and made. According to the Christian perspective, leadership is from God. Leadership is to uplift the people to higher levels of life, ultimately to the divine union. This book explains how Teresa of Avila,as a leader, transformed the challenges and restrictions into opportunities to achieve her goal. Those who look for a great model of exemplary leadership for the 21st century can find it in Teresa of Avila.

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