the transferred life of george eliot

Содержание: CD 1: King Arthur Semi-Opera In Five Acts Libretto By John Dryden 01. Overture 02. Air 03. Overture Act 1 04. Woden, First To Thee - The White Horse Neigh'd Aloud - To Woden, Our Defender (Stephen Varcoe, Paul Elliott Ashley Stafford, Chorus) 05. The Lot Is Cast (Gillian Fisher) 06. Brave Souls (Chorus) 07. I Call You All To Woden's Hall (Ashley Stafford, Chorus) 08. Symphony - "Come If You Dare" (Paul Elliott Chorus) Act 2 09. Hither This Way (Gillian Fisher (Philidel), Chorus) 10. Let Not A Moonborn Elf - Ritornello (Stephen Varcoe) (Grimbold) 11. Hither This Way (Chorus) 12. Come, Follow Me - Ritornello - Chorus Gillian Fisher (Philidel), Jennifer Smith, Elisabeth Friday, Ashley Stafford, Paul Elliott, Stephen Varcoe (Spirits) 13. (Song Tune) How Blest Are Shepherds (Paul Elliott (Shepherd), Chorus) 14. Symphony - Shepherd, Shepherd, Leave Decoying (Gillian Fisher, Jennifer Smith (Shepherdesses)) 15. Hornpipe - Come, Shepherds (Chorus Of Shepherds) 16 Second Act Tune: Air Act 3 17. (The Frost Scene) Prelude - What Ho! Thou Genius Of This Isle Elisabeth Friday (Cupid) 18. Prelude While Cold Genius Rises - What Power Art Thou (Stephen Varcoe (Cold Genius)) 19. Thou Doting Fool (Elisabeth Friday (Cupid)) 20. Great Love (Stephen Varcoe (Cold Genius)) 21. No Part Of My Dominion (Elisabeth Friday (Cupid)) 22. Prelude - See, See, We Assemble (Chorus Of Cold People) – Dance 23 Tis I, 'Tis I That Have Warm'd Ye - Ritornello - Tis Love That Has Warm'd Us (Elisabeth Friday (Cupid), Chorus) 24. Sound A Parley - Ritornello (Elisabeth Friday (Cupid), Stephen Varcoe (Genius), Chorus) 25. Third Act Tune: Hornpipe CD 2: Act 4 01. Two Daughters Of This Aged Stream (Jennifer Smith, Gillian Fisher (Sirens)) 02. Passacaglia - How Happy The Lover (Paul Elliott Chorus) - Ritornello For Love Ev'ry Creature (Gillian Fisher, Jennifer Smith, Elisabeth Friday (Nymphs), Ashley Stafford, Paul Elliott Stephen Varcoe (Men), Chorus) 03. Fourth Act Tune: Air Act 5 04. Trumpet Tune 05. Ye Blust'ring Brethren (Stephen Varcoe (Aeolus)) 06. Symphony 07. Song Tune - Round Thy Coast (Jennifer Smith (Nereid), Stephen Varcoe (Pan), Chorus) 08. For Folded Flocks (Ashley Stafford, Paul Elliott Stephen Varcoe) 09. Ritornello - Your Hay It Is Mow'd (Paul Elliott (Comus), Ashley Stafford, Stephen Varcoe (Men)) - Ritornello 10. Fairest Isle (Gill Ross (Venus)) 11. You Say 'Tis Love (Jennifer Smith (She), Stephen Varcoe (He)) 12. Trumpet Tune (Warlike Consort) 13. Saint George (Jennifer Smith (Honour)) - Our Natives Not Alone Appear (Chorus) 14. Chaconne Jennifer Smith, Soprano Gillian Fisher, Soprano Elisabeth Priday, Soprano Gill Ross, Soprano Ashley Stafford, Countertenor Paul Elliott, Tenor Stephen Varcoe, Baritone Monteverdi Choir English Baroque Soloists John Eliot Gardiner CD 3: Music For Queen Mary Come, Ye Sons Of Art (Ode For The Birthday Of Queen Mary, 1694) 01. Ouverture 02. Come, Come, Ye Sons Of Art, Come, Come Away (Countertenor, Chorus) 03. Sound The Trumpet (Duo: Countertenors) 04. Come, Come, Ye Sons Of Art, Come, Come (Away Chorus) 05. Strike The Viol (Countertenor & Flutes) 06. The Day That Such A Blessing (Bass, Chorus) 07. Bid The Virtues (Soprano & Oboe) 08. These Are The Sacred (Charms Bass) 09. See Nature, Rejoicing (Duo: Soprano & Bass, Chorus) Music For The Funeral Of Queen Mary (1695) 10. March 11. Man That Is Born (First Sentence) 12. Canzona 13. In The Midst Of Life (Second Sentence) 14. Canzona 15. Thou Knowest, Lord, The Secrets Of Our Hearts (Third Sentence) 16. March Felicity Lott, Soprano Charles Brett, John Williams, Countertenors Thomas Allen, Bass Monteverdi Choir Monteverdi Orchestra (Continuo: Marilyn Sansom, Violoncello; Barry Guy, Double Bass; Trevor Pinnock, Harpsichord) Equale Brass Ensemble (Michael Laird, Graham Whiting, Trumpets; Peter Goodwin, Peter Harvey, Sockbuts; David Corkhill, Timpani) John Eliot Gardiner CD 4: Hail! Bright Cecilia 01. Symphony 02. Hail! Bright Cecilia (All Voices, Chorus) 03. Hark! Hark! Each (Tree Countertenor I, Bass) 04. Tis Nature's (Voice Tenor) 05. Soul Of The World! (Chorus) 06. Thou Tun'st This World (Soprano) 07. With That Sublime Celestial Lay (Countertenors, Boss) 08. Wondrous Machine! (Bass) 09. The Airy (Violin Countertenor II) 10. In Vain The Am'rous (Flute Countertenor I, Tenor) 11. The Fife And All The Harmony Of War (Countertenor II) 12. Let These Among Themselves Contest (Baritone, Bass) 13. Hail! Bright Cecilia (Countertenors, Tenor, Bass, Chorus) Jennifer Smith, Soprano Ashley Stafford, Brian Gordon, Countertenors I & II Paul Elliott, Tenor Stephen Varcoe, Baritone David Thomas, Bass Monteverdi Choir English Baroque Soloists John Eliot Gardiner CD 5: Timon Of Athens Tragedy Libretto By Thomas Shadwell, After Shakespeare 01. Overture The Masque 02. A Symphony Of Pipes Imitating The Chirping Of Birds - Hark! How The Songsters Of The Grove (Gillian Fisher, Lynne Dawson (Two Nymphs)) 03. Love In Their Little Veins Inspires (Lynne Dawson (A Nymph)) 04. But Ah! How Much Are Our Delights (Gillian Fisher, Lynne Dawson, Stephen Varcoe (Two Nymphs And A Shepherd)) 05. Hence With Your Trifling Deity! (Michael George (A Bacchanal)) - But Over Us No Griefs Prevail (Rogers Covey-Crump, Paul Elliott Michael George (Three Bacchanals)) 06. Come All, Come All To Me (Gillian Fisher (Cupid)) 07. Who Can Resist (Chorus) 08. Return, Revolting Rebels! (Stephen Varcoe (Bacchus)) 09. The Cares Of Lovers (Lynne Dawson (A Nymph)) 10. Love Quickly Is Pall'd (Rogers Covey-Crump (A Bacchanal)) 11. Come, Let Us Agree (Gillian Fisher, Stephen Varcoe (Cupid And Bacchus), Chorus) 12 Curtain Tune Dioclesian Semi-Opera In Five Acts Libretto By Thomas Betterton After Massinger And Fletcher 13. First Music 14. Second Music 15. Overture Act 1 16. First Act Tune: Hornpipe Act 2 17. First Song: Great Diodes Stephen Varcoe, Chorus 18. Second Song, By A Woman: Charon, The Peaceful Shade Lynne Dawson Symphony - Duet: Let All Mankind The Pleasure Share Gillian Fisher, Michael George, Chorus 19. Martial Song: Let The Soldiers Rejoice Paul Elliott Chorus 20. Ritornello - Trio: To Mars Let'em Raise Paul Elliott Stephen Varcoe, Michael George, Chorus - Ritornello 21. A Symphony Of Flutes In The Air - Song: Since The Toils (Rogers Covey-Crump) - Quartet: Let The Priests (Gillian Fisher, Rogers Covey-Crump, Paul Elliott Stephen Varcoe, Chorus) 22. Dance Of Furies 23. Second Act Tune Act 3 24. Chaconne (Two In One Upon A Ground) CD 6: 01. Song: When First I Saw (Lynne Dawson) 02. The Chair Dance 03. Song: What Shall I Do (Lynne Dawson) 04. Third Act Tune Act 4 05. Butterfly Dance 06. Trumpet Tune 07. Song: Sound, Fame (Paul Elliott, Chorus) 08. Fourth Act Tune Act 5 09. Country Dance 10. Prelude The Masque Call The Nymphs (Gillian Fisher (Cupid), Chorus) 11. Come, Come Away (Stephen Varcoe, Michael George (A Bacchanalian And A Silvan)) First Entry 12. Prelude And Chorus: Behold, О Mightiest Of Gods - Paspe 13. Ah The Sweet Delights Of Love (Gillian Fisher, Lynne Dawson (Two Wood-Gods)) 14. Let Monarchs Fight (Lynne Dawson (A Faun), Chorus) 15. Since From My Dear Astrea's Sight (Gillian Fisher (Another Faun)) Second Entry 16. Make Room (Stephen Varcoe, Michael George (Two Of Bacchus' Followers)) - I'm Here (Michael George (Bacchus)) - Trio: Give To Every One (Paul Elliott Stephen Varcoe, Michael George, Chorus) - Dance Of Bacchanals 17. Still I'm Wishing (Rogers Covey-Crump (One Of Cupid's Followers)) Third Entry 18. Canaries - Dialogue: Tell Me Why My Charming Fair (Gillian Fisher, Stephen Varcoe (Shepherd And Shepherdess)) Fourth Entry 19. Dance 20. All Our Days (Paul Effort (One Of The Pleasures)) - Let Us Dance (Lynne Dawson (Another Of The Pleasures), Chorus) Fifth Entry 21. Dance - Trio: Triumph, Triumph Victorious Love (Rogers Covey-Crump, Paul Elliott, Michael George, Chorus) Lynne Dawson, Soprano Gillian Fisher, Soprano Rogers Covey-Crump, Tenor Paul Elliott, Tenor Michael George, Bass Stephen Varcoe, Bass Monteverdi Choir English Baroque Soloists John Eliot Gardiner CD 7: The Indian Queen Semi-Opera In A Prologue And Five Acts Libretto By John Dryden And Robert Howard Girl - Rosemary Hardy, Soprano Third Aerial Spirit Boy - Martyn Hill, Tenor Second Follower God Of Dreams Second Aerial Spirit Fame - John Elwes, Tenor First Aerial Spirit First Follower - Ashley Stafford, Countertenor Envy - David Thomas, Bass-Baritone High Priest Ismeron - Stephen Varcoe, Baritone Fourth Aerial Spirit - Gillian Fisher, Soprano; Dinah Harris, Soprano (Track 29); Jennifer Smith, Soprano (Track 32) Monteverdi Choir English Baroque Soloists Nona Liddell, Simon Standage, Elizabeth Wilcock, Violin Solos Marilyn Sansom, Violoncello Michael Lewin, Archiluth Nicholas Kraemer, Harpsichord John Eliot Gardiner First Music 01. First Air 02. Second Air Second Music 03. First Hornpipe 04. Second Hornpipe Overture 05. Adagio 06. Allegro 07. Trumpet Tune Prologue 08. Air: Wake, Quivera (Boy) 09. Air: Why Should Men Quarrel (Girl) 10. Recitative, Air & Duo: By Ancient Prophecies (Boy, Girt) 11. Trumpet Tune (Reprise) Act 2 Symphony 12. Canzona 13. Adagio 14. Allegro 15. Prelude, Air & Chorus: I Come To Sing Great Zempoalla's Story (Fame) 16. Air: What Flattering Noise Is This (Envy & 2 Followers) 17. Air: Scorn'd Envy, Here's Nothing (Fame) 18. Air: I Fly From The Place (Envy) 19. Air: Begone, Curst Fiends Of (Hell Fame) 20. Prelude, Air & Chorus: I Come To Sing (Fame) Act 3 21. Air 22. Minuet 23. Recitative & Air: Ye Twice Ten Hundred Deities (Ismeron) 24. Symphony For Hautboys 25. Air; Seek Not To Know (God Of Dreams) 26. Trumpet Overture (Canzona - Slow) 27. Duo: Ah, How Happy Are We! (First & Second Aerial Spirits) 28. Duo & Chorus: We The Spirits Of The Air (Third & Fourth Aerial Spirits) 29. Air: I Attempt From Love's Sickness (Soprano) 30. Air: Duo & Chorus (Reprise) 31. Third Act Tune Act 4 32. Song: They Tell Us That Your Mighty Powers (Orazia) - Fourth Act Tune Act 5 33. Chorus & Recitative: While Thus We Bow (High Priest) CD 8: The Tempest Semi-Opera Libretto By William Davenant, John Dryden And Thomas Shadwell, After Shakespeare First Devil - David Thomas, Bass Second Devil - Roderick Earle, Bass Ariel - Carol Hall, Mezzo-Soprano Dorinda - Rosemary Hardy, Soprano Amphitrite - Jennifer Smith, Soprano Neptune - Stephen Varcoe, Baritone Aeolus - John Elwes, Tenor Monteverdi Choir Monteverdi Orchestra (Continuo: Marilyn Sansom, Violoncello; Nicholas Kraemen, Alastair Ross, Harpsichord, Organ; Michael Lewin, Theorbo) John Eliot Gardiner 01 Ouverture Act 2 Masque Of Devils 02. Duet & Chorus: Where Does The Black Fiend (First & Second Devils, Chorus) 03. Chorus: Around, Around We Pace 04. Air: Arise, Arise, Ye Subterranean Winds (First Devil) 05. Dance Of Winds Act 3 06. Song & Chorus: Come Unto These Yellow Sands (Ariel, Chorus) 07. Song & Chorus: Full Fathom Five (Ariel, Chorus) 08. Air: Dry Those Eyes (Ariel) 09. Air: Kind Fortune Smiles (Ariel) Act 4 10. Dance Of Devils 11. The Sailors' Dance 12. Air: Dear Pretty Youth (Dorinda) Act 5 Neptune's Masque 13. Recitative & Air: Great Neptune! (Amphitrite, Neptune) 14. Chorus: The Nereids And Tritons 15. Recitative & Air: Aeolus, You Must Appear (Neptune) 16. Recitative & Air: Your Awful Voice I Hear (Aeolus) 17. Air: Halcyon Days (Amphitrite) 18. Air: See, See, The Heavens Smile (Neptune) 19. Duet & Chorus: No Stars Again Shall Hurt You (Amphitrite, Neptune, Chorus)


Middlemarch the transferred life of george eliot ПОДОБНЫЙ ТОВАР
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Starting Over

Starting Over the transferred life of george eliot ПОДОБНЫЙ ТОВАР
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