Tourism is the most important aspects for developing countries and Tanzania is benefiting from it. Both domestic and international tourism are considered to have the impact on the economy of Tanzania. This book demonstrates on the different sources of tourist’s attractions in Tanzania like Mountain Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar Islands, Northern and Southern Circuit of Tanzania. Tourism has biggest impact on poverty alleviation as compared to other growing industries and has linkages with other local enterprises; relatively labour intensive and employs high proportion of indigenous. Therefore, this book is showing the impact of tourism that could be considered as improving the lifestyle of the rural people’s economy by creating jobs and increasing incomes. This book will be very valuable to Tanzanians and foreigners because it will be educative on protecting their environment, and also will remind them that the rural tourism in Tanzania should be sustainable, friendly and environmentally sustainable, this means that tourism that meets the needs of present tourists and host regions, while protecting and enhancing opportunities for future.

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