steel tungsten carbide grinding head rotary grinders milling cutter 3 4mm file carving wood

Description: Drill Carving Locator with 4pcs 3mm Twist Drills and 6pcs Wood Milling Burrs for DremelRotary Tools Specification: Material: steel, plastic Color: black,silver Grinding head diameter: 3.175 mm Locating cover size: 60x42cm Features: Position cover for fixing drill grinders, milling cutters, tools, grinder. Can be directly to the card holder in rotary grinders, and positioning. Suitable for wood, plastics and other soft materials, carving, engraving, hollowing, chamfering, slotting, reaming.ect. Installation steps: 1.Screw down nut, install the woodworking cutter. 2.Install the cutter locator. 3.Adjust the milling cutter to the same plane as the locator, and remember to adjust the scale. 4.Adjust depth according to demand. Package Included: 1 x Locating cover 4 x 3mm Drills 6 x Wood Milling Burrs More Details:

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