rural urban migration in southeastern nigeria

Bangladesh is over populated country in the world. Every day a lot of rural people come to urban area for many reasons. Rural people are mostly dependent on urban area because the government always pays a narrow role for rural area. In this situation, the study mainly focused on the real factors of rural-urban migration. The major concentration were identified the characteristics of migrants, the factors of rural-urban migration or causes and consequences of this migration and what can be the possible solution to manage this situation. The present study reveals that the process of migration in Bangladesh is strongly influenced by both the push and the pull factors, of which the principal push factor is the situation of insufficient job prospects in the villages, while the perception of the higher probability of getting employment and earning higher income in the cities is the predominant pull factor. From the analysis it is clear that unless the gap between urban and rural areas in terms of the quality of life and and living conditions can be systematically narrowed down, the commended solution cannot be achieved. The Government will be the main role player to manage this.

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