management of transformation and innovation

Global Innovation Management provides a comprehensive guide to formulating successful innovation strategies, and to implementing and managing policies which foster a sustainable, profitable business, taking into account the global context businesses today operate in. Covering topics such as business models, service innovations, disruptive innovation and people management, it provides an accessible and engaging guide for successfully strategizing and managing innovation. With a strong focus on the financial and accounting side of successful innovation, it is the only innovation management book to provide a specific method for computing financial return and risk for a particular innovation strategy, providing students with the tools and methods they need to understand the business case for innovation. Key changes to the new edition:• Structure – a new structure and re-organised chapter content provides a clearer framework for students to better understand innovation as a whole, and how each aspect fits together.• Global focus – a stronger focus on the global context of innovation will be introduced in chapter 1 and reinforced through global case studies• Case studies – the case studies have been updated and the new edition will feature longer, more in-depth case studies. These are case studies from non-business areas (e.g. games technology, product design, pharmaceuticals, music industry) to help expand the book's appeal.• New material on open innovation and more coverage of service innovation to make the book a rounded and comprehensive guide to innovation management

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