gender constraints to leadership in secondary schools

In Uganda, management related-problems for head teachers in secondary schools have been both turbulent and rapid. Of recent, Government funded secondary schools in some districts have suffered from poor academic performances and strikes which lowered teachers’ job satisfaction. This has put head teachers’ leadership styles in the spot light (Mathiu, 2008). As a result, teachers were reluctant to do their work and absenteeism has been rampant UNATU (2007-2010). Unfortunately, all this has been going on without any attempt to understand the leadership styles head teachers are applying in these schools. This book, therefore, provides a new metric of success for head teachers in Education Administration and leadership in secondary schools. Two separate, clearly different types of leadership styles are carefully analyzed among other ideas.The analysis should help lean to new and exciting leadership styles of head teachers that would create teachers’ job satisfaction and should be especially useful to teachers, policy makers, researchers, or any other administrators who may be considering utilizing leadership styles and job satisfaction in organizational Administration and Management.

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