factors affecting the glass ceramic coating

Modern technology uses a number of surface coating materials, ranging from metallic or polymeric to oxide based ceramic. Among them oxide based glassy and glass-ceramic coating have additional advantages of chemical inertness, high temperature stability and superior mechanical properties as compared to other non-oxide coatings in use. Six detailed chapters cover the general theme of this thesis. Chapter one gives a relevant introduction to existing problem description. It also introduces the main objective to be achieved. Chapter two summarizes a comprehensive literature review which will give a general idea about the investigations of the adherence of the coating to base metal, interface of enamel/metal, the crystallization treatment of enamel coating and the coating of non-ferrous metal. Chapter three presents the theoretical part. .Chapter four includes a mathematical modeling to predict the coating properties by using (SPSS) software. Chapter five concerns with the experimental arrangement and procedure. Finally, the results and discussion and the basic conclusions and recommendations that drawn from this work are presented in chapter six.

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