discrete invariants of curves and surfaces

The field of Constant Mean Curvature (CMC) surfaces had its beginning in the nineteenth century with the works of Riemann, Weierstrass and Enneper. Recently it has enjoyed a surge of growth due to the advent of computer graphics. This field has applications in many applied fields such as applied physics, polymer science, architecture, and computer graphics. The method for the construction of CMC surfaces was developed by J. Dorfmeister, F. Pedit, and H. Wu; it is commonly called the DPW method. The DPW method is a Weierstrass type representation for CMC surfaces, using techniques of integrable systems. It gives an algorithm to compute all CMC surfaces. This book includes: explicit conformal parametrizations of CMC surfaces of revolution, in each of the three space forms Euclidean 3-space, spherical 3-space and hyperbolic 3-space by using the DPW method; the lower bounds for the Morse index and nullity of CMC tori of revolution in the 3-sphere; the spectra of Jacobi operators for CMC tori of revolution in the 3-sphere; stability properties of CMC surfaces of revolution in general simply-connected spherically symmetric 3-spaces, and in the particular case of Schwarzschild space.

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